Useful informations

  • Which airlines companies are usually preferred?

    The companies we recommend are Emirates, Qatar Airways, Ethiad Airways, Turkish Airlines; there are currently no direct flights to the Maldives from Italy. We can help you find the best flights through our trusted agencies.

  • Transfers from / to Malè airport?

    The transfer is done by Speed Boat.

    Transfers from / to Male ‘airport?

    One of our representatives will guide you with a board “Into The Blue Lodge”.

    Every day, except Friday (Muslim public holiday), the boat departs at 11 am and 4 pm (local time) from the airport.


    For the return from Keyodhoo, this leaves at 7 am and 1 pm (local time).

    Every friday there is the option of the private boat but it’s expensive one, it is recommended for a minimum of 6 people.

    The transfer from / to the airport takes about 1 h and 45 min.

    It is not currently possible to transfer by seaplane.

  • Is there a diving center in Keyodhoo?

    Yes, the dives will be done with Muraka diving. The diving costs can be requested during your booking.

  • Is it possible to do extra fishing trips?

    During the organization of the trip the option for fishermen must be expressly requested, because there is an extra one-off 50 euros that must be added for both trolling and jigging.

    This extra includes the costs of:

    • Use of the Dinghy
    • Maldivian fisherman who will guide you to the best spots for the activity


    The equipment can be yours or you can rent it on site for a small extra cost.

  • Desert island and sand banks are equipped for guests?

    Desert islands, rather than sand banks, are not equipped because of their unspoiled nature, but where nature does not provide shade through palm groves and hibiscus, our staff will take care of you, setting up a a sun shade.

  • Tips?

    It is advisable to leave a tip at the end of your stay, in the amount of at least $ 20 for each traveler.

    This tip is shared among the Into The Blue Lodge staff and does not include:

    • Maldivian Guide
    • Boy on the floors
    • Captain of the Dhoni
    • Lady of the laundry
    • Waiter of the local restaurant


    Tipping is a form of thanks for their work, which Maldivians care very much about because it makes them feel appreciated

  • When excursions are canceled?

    It is not easy to make a correct forecast of the weather, given the instability of the weather conditions, especially in the months that characterize the arrival of the wet monsoon.

    However, when the weather forecast is good our staff together with the captain of the Dhoni, with considerable experience, evaluate the weather conditions daily and if there is no risk for our guests, the excursions will be made.

    The guide and the captain are the only people able to evaluate the feasibility of the excursions in case of rain or unstable weather conditions.

    There are no refunds for excursions not taken; when it is not possible to go out by boat, travelers can stay on Keyodhoo beach and activities are usually organized on the island, waiting for the weather to improve.

  • Visiting the Maldives: at what age?

    An experience in the Maldives is recommended to everyone. Children up to the age of 5 cannot always keep up with other travelers, because the excursions are carried out every day and can be tiring for our little guests and the parent in charge of their care.

    For this reason Into The Blue Lodge offers a package revised ad hoc for the needs of our little friends and those who accompany them.

  • Which documents are required?

    Whatever your nationality, you can enter the Maldives just with a valid passport whose expiration date is not inferior to six months from your scheduled return date. Moreover, according to the actual European laws, minors must be in possess of their own individual passport. All the visitor entering The Maldives are asked for a free visitor visa, valid for 30 days, that will be delivered to you on the plane or at the airport prior to passport control. The form must be filled in and handed out to the immigration agents before your baggage claim. A part of the form must be kept in your passport and handed back to passport control on your return trip

  • Climate

    Being crossed by the equator, the Maldives have a temperature of about 30° C during the whole year. It never drops below 25°C, 26°C even at night and it reach a peak of about 32°C during the hottest hours of day.

  • Language

    The official language of The Maldive is dhiveh and is used in all local administration offices. English is widely used and spoken by everyone.

  • Electricity

    The voltage is about 220-240 volt. There is no need for a universal adapter in our Guest House.

  • Phone Lines

    To call the Maldives from your country use the prefix 00960 . After your arrival, you can buy an international prepaid phone card in point Oredhoo (telephone maldivian Company).

  • How to dress in the Maldives?

    Generally, a comfortable and informal style is recommended: t-shirts, cotton or linen sundresses are the most suitable and comfortable clothes.

    50+ Sun screens and after sun are strongly recommended. Please do not forget your sunglasses and the necessary hats. Scuba masks, flippers and snorkels are a must in your suitcase, and shoes to enter in the water.

  • Shopping

    Local manufacture is very interesting, especially sarongs and t-shirts often hand painted, coloured wooden fish, and different hand-made items. To buy items on the islands you can only use dollars in cash.

  • Currency

    The currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. The exchange rate with the US dollar is currently Rf. 15. 42 for a $ 1. The US dollar is the most commonly used foreign currency. Payments on the island can also be made in euros or with the rufias. Credit or debit cards are accepted in some shops.

  • Healthcare regulations

    No vaccination is required to visit The Maldives. We highly recommend using sun-screen, especially during your first days, so to avoid spoiling your holiday with a sunburn. Sometimes an insect repellent can be useful.In case of urgent need of medical care, a medical unit is available for you, along with a doctor.

  • Customs

    Importing alcoholics, narcotics, pshycotropic substances, meat, pork meat, drugs, pornographic material, spearguns, weapons, munitions and explosives of different kinds is strictly forbidden.Leaflets, booklets and similar advertising another faith are forbidden as well.Returning home you cannot take mother-of-pearl, corals, shells or sand with you, either coming from the sea or the beaches, and export them.