The Village


Keyodhoo is a small village of 800 inhabitants. The island is one hour and thirty min far from Male, by speed boat.

Here the locals live by fishing and crafts, and the village is made of colored houses, with the chairs on the deck at the front door, to rest, talk and to dry clothes. The bar, a meeting place for the Maldivian snacks, sweet and salt, to try with the yeye, very sweet coffee-milk: a must! At sunset, the harbor comes alive with the chatter of women, the challenges of chess between men and the children play with each other. All are curious, friendly with foreign visitors and they communicate in English, Italian or Divehi (the local idioma). Very few restrictions are on this muslim island, no pork and no alcohol (the resort have a special exemption) and a proper clothing for women. The island’s inhabitants are Muslims therefore we recommend to women only when they are in the village (except on the beach) and for the respect of the population, not to go around in bikini, wear a dress that cover shoulders and belly. Guys are not allowed to walk bare-chested. If you are able to overcome these limitations you will have in return the opportunity to immerse yourself in a slow pace, made of landscapes and breathtaking colors, smiles and intense aromas of flowers, curry, kitchen and so much serenity. Music in the background with drums of the Bodu Beru, the local music.

A place to make a real journey and not just a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

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